About The Library:

Built in 1865, the Acme High School Library Media Center is located in the original church building on the grounds where the new Acme High School was built in 1997. The Acme High School Library Media Center building has been a library for the town of Newtown since the church gave the building and land to the town in 1938. When the need for a new high school became apparent the library grounds became the most logical place to build. After many months of discussion it was decided to keep the old library building as the new high school library. During the construction of the new high school, the library building was refurbished to meet the modern standards of today while retaining its historic facade. The Media Center is located on the second floor of the Acme High School Library and has all the modern media amenities expected in a state of the art facility. The Media Center was most recently updated at the end of 2015.


The Acme High School Library Media Center is open to all students, faculty and administration. Students are allowed to use the facility during study hall throughout the school day, with a signed permission form from the study hall teacher. Students may also use the Media Center between the ending of class for the day till the closing of the library during the week. Faculty and administrators are open to use the Media Center at any time the library is open. All library services are available to students, faculty and administration up until the library closes. Books may be checked out of the library by any student in good standing. Students that owe money for lunch, are on the disciplinary action list or have outstanding late books are considered to be not in good standing. Faculty and administration may check books out of the library unless they have outstanding late books. Computers in the Media Center are available for students first and foremost. Faculty and administration may use computers on an as available basis. Online privileges may be revoked from anyone for the following reasons:


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